Hello Families,


My name is Carlene Hockema. I am the counselor for Bayshore and Taku Elementary Schools. This is my 16th year with the Anchorage School District and my third year as an elementary counselor. I enjoy working with children and their families to ensure they have wonderful school experiences.


I am the parent of a ten-year-old boy and we enjoy camping, fishing and spending time together enjoying Alaska. In addition, over the past nine years we have opened our home and cared for over twenty foster infants and toddlers.


I will be working in my schools on a rotating basis, alternating full weeks at each school. My hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


I can also be reached by email at or by phone at 742-5394. My voice mail messages are forwarded to my ASD email which allows me to forward any urgent information or provide a timely response.


Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.




Carlene Hockema, MAT, M.Ed.

Bayshore & Taku Elementary Counselor

742-5394 Bayshore (My messages are emailed to me so I will get my Bayshore messages when I am at Taku.)


A Counselor's Week

At times parents are confused about what my role in the school is. I would like to outline what my duties as a school counselor consist of:


  • 40% of my time goes toward teaching Social Emotional Learning Skills, (SEL) in classrooms. I use research based curriculum such as Kelso's Choices, (a conflict resolution program), Connected and Respected, Second Step and other lessons from books recommended by the American School Counseling Association, ASCA.

  • 35% of my time goes toward Responsive Services. This means I respond to the needs of students through consultation, referrals, mediation, support groups, and crisis intervention.
  • 13% of my time is given to System Support. This means I engage in activities that enhance the counseling program and the overall educational program.
  • 10% of my time is allotted for Individual Planning, which means I meet with students and families to assist with personal and educational issues and to assist with the transitions of students.
  • 2% of my time is given to non-counseling duties. I contribute as a team member along with my teaching colleagues and staff to assure there is a safe and positive school environment.

I do not do therapy within the Anchorage School District.  I do not deal with discipline. Our principal, Mrs. Packer is the disciplinarian.

Parent Resources

Kelso's Choice Diagram - conflict management program we use at Bayshore.  One page diagram shown @ right.


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