School Hours, Recess, Lunch, Ice Rink

School Hours

 8:40 a.m.

Campus opens.

Students may begin lining up outside.

 8:50 a.m.

1st bell.

Teachers pick up their students.

9:00 a.m.

2nd bell.   School begins.

Students arriving after 9:00 a.m. need to stop in the office and get a tardy slip. Students not in their classrooms ready to learn at 9:00 a.m. are considered tardy.  

 3:30 p.m. School dismissed.


Please do not send your child to school earlier than 8:40 a.m. as there will be no supervision on school grounds.


Recess & Lunch Schedule (Note new times for 2017-18)

All students have a 20 minute recess, followed by a 20 minute lunch 


GradeRecess   Lunch
 Kindergarten 11:45 - 12:05 p.m.   12:05 - 12:25 p.m.
 1st    11:55 -12:15 p.m.  12:15 - 12:35 p.m.
 2nd  12:10 - 12:30 p.m.     12:30 - 12:50 p.m. 
 3rd 12:20 - 12:40 p.m.      12:40 -1:00 p.m.
 4th  (Rose & Reynolds) 12:30  - 12:50 p.m.      12:50 - 1:10 p.m.
4/5 (Derks) & 4/5/6  (Jordan)  12:45 - 1:05 p.m.      1:05 - 1:25 p.m.   
5/6 (Kutscheid, Patotzka, Woods)   12:55 - 1:15 p.m.         1:15 - 1:35 p.m. 



front of Winter Gear parent reminder card we distribute.

Please make sure your child comes to school ready to spend 20 minutes outdoors during recess.  By ASD policy, we have outdoor recess unless the chill factor is below -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our students also play outside in a light rain.


It's important to write your child's first and last name in a visible spot on each piece of their winter gear.  Our recess attendants reunite lost items with their owners each day. Labeling your child's items - even their boots - is essential to reuinting lost items.


Many items look alike, and children often forget exactly what their boots, gloves, etc.  look like.  The office is happy to lend you one of their black or silver Sharpies.  

P‌rint the I am Prepared card to hang in your home. 

Bayshore Ice Rink

Our P.T.A. hires a company to fill and maintain our ice rink during the winter months.  Anchorage School District lights our rink from sundown until 10 p.m. - 7 days a week.  This is a great way to get out and play!